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The purpose of this web site is ...

 to allow me to share my personal experiences as Air Force pilot with others and to provide insight into the thoughts and motivations of those of us who serve our country. I believe that today's  citizens are uninformed about past events that have made us the nation we are today. Most people living today have heard of World War II, and some know we were on the winning side. Unfortunately, very few could tell you what countries made up the Allies, or those we fought against, the Axis Powers. Hardly any know about the Korean Conflict or the Cold War.  My book, HANGAR FLYING is not a history book , but it does bring the Korean Conflict and the Cold War into the foreground by recounting my personal experiences while participating in those actions.

HANGAR FLYING describes in-flight emergencies, close calls and other hair raising experiences encountered during my flying career. Other books to follow will describe more of the personal and social  life of a military family as well as some of the gratifying and sometimes humorous things that happen.

I am also considering a book describing life in the 1930s and 40s before television, computers and texting. And yes, I did walk three miles (actually about a half mile) to school through three feet (well, three inches) of snow, and it really was uphill both ways.


Finally, just to prove that we military folks do have other significant interests, I am considering a treatise on Astronomy entitled, Why the Big Bang Never Happened.